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                                                        SPIDERS SYNOPSIS

     Alex and Jimmy, two regular guys in their twenties, work together selling sweats in a shop on Santa Monica Blvd. Both of them live day-to-day, and have carefree attitudes where their only concern is "…I hope I get laid tonight." Although Jimmy finds Alex "cool" and "a lot of fun to work with," there is also something about Alex that is disturbing: "…it's the way you walk. Talk. Act. Dress. It's like you can't help it." Janet and Alan, Alex's caring and devoted parents, think that he is, "…just going through a stage, a phase in your life that will pass, and once it does, you can start to live a normal life." What is it about Alex that upsets his friends and family? Is he an addict? An alcoholic? A convicted criminal? No, worse than that: Alex is gay.

     There are some people in Alex's life who tolerate his lifestyle but still have a hard time understanding it: Annie, Jimmy's girlfriend, whom Alex treats like a sister, says, "Some of you gay men are so good-looking…it seems like such a waste." Even Doug, a bi-sexual, and Alex's best friend, tells him, "Why do you have to act like such a fag?" Alex tries to find balance in his life, acting "normal" for a straight world, yet maintaining his own identity. He says of himself, "I'm bitchy…flamboyant…a queen." On the surface, his family and friends seem to tolerate Alex's homosexuality, but underneath bubbles hostility and aggression, where even his loved ones find him "sick" and "disgusting." When Alex tries to find out why his sexuality is so disturbing to people, Jimmy answers with an elusive: "Spiders. It's kinda like what you are. People hate spiders-you don't know why, you don't ask questions-you just do."

     As Alex fights to maintain his identity, he eventually finds himself in a world that turns violent, then deadly. Spiders tragic conclusion forever changes all the lives Alex has touched.

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